In 2003, four Seattle artists, John Clark Gleason, Dionne Haroutunian, Jay Lazerwitz, and Joan Stuart Ross came together and purchased a former manufacturing building. They remodeled and maintain BallardWorks for the sole purpose of supplying affordable workspace for artists.

Jay, owner of Art & Architecture, designed the building’s studios with style and functionality. Now in its 20th year, BallardWorks is owned and managed by Dionne, Joan, and John. With 25 artist-tenants, below market-rate rents, working studios, monthly curated exhibitions, and an open house every second Saturday, 3:00PM to 9:00PM, BallardWorks has a strong sense of creativity and community. BallardWorks is an early model for artists who want to secure a stable and enduring workspace.




Photo Credit: JSRoss
L to R: Joan, John, Dionne